Spring is in the air. And not to soon for me. I am sure you have plenty to clean up as we do here.

Please read some of the after winter concerns we have regarding our homes.

If you are like many in the area we are from, you have plenty of debris in the yard and maybe piles of gravel to rake back into the driveway. Hopefully that is all you have to worry about after the snow plow has been through so many times. 

While you are out in the yard look closely at your house. Do you see any signs of ice and water damage? Look up at the gutters. Are any of them pulling away from the house? If you had a good deal of ice build up on the gutters this winter, be sure to have those gutters cleaned out after the thaw and always before winter. Consider having some sort of gutter guard installed before next fall.

Look around the yard for trees that have been damaged and may now be a danger to you and your family.

There was a great deal of frost damage this year. Are your doors suddenly not working as well as they did? Have your tile floors cracked? Do you see new cracks in the drywall or plaster of your walls? Have any windows cracked over this winter? Did you get water in the basement?

If you had ice build up on the roof you may now see water damage on the interior walls. Sometimes that will show as bubbled paint or stains. Again some of this can be prevented by having those gutters cleaned before winter.

Many repairs or upgrades after winter can be DIY projects. Be careful and be thoughtful. If a project is outside of your skill level always seek professional help or advice.

Thank you for visiting.

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