JM firmly believes that your kitchen is more than a place for cooking – it’s the heart of your home. Our approach to kitchen remodeling considers not just your kitchen, but your entire home. We study how your kitchen design, style, colors, textures, and elements create a mood and ultimately, how it impacts the look and feel of your home. In this article, we’ll show you how we transformed the look and feel of this country-style home by remodeling the kitchen.

Converting a Country Style Kitchen to a Shaker/Mission Style Kitchen

Here is a comparison of the kitchen before and after the JM remodel.

Country Kitchen to Shaker/Mission Before and After

Updating Staircase & Railings to Blend Kitchen into Home

We started by looking at the kitchen and its impact on the home. The home is entirely country-style. Stepping back from the kitchen, the living room is very open with a high ceiling. On the left, there is a staircase that leads to a loft above the kitchen.

Before Remodel - Staircase and Loft

Country Style Loft Staircase & Railings

The new kitchen remodel would completely change the look and feel of this room. It was clear that a Shaker/Mission style kitchen design would clash with a few of the existing country elements, particularly the staircase and railings.

We decided to update the staircase and loft railings with solid oak balusters and railings to blend the Shaker/Mission style in with the home. The new railings make the stairs and loft much safer and attractive.

Choosing Kitchen Materials

On every project, we work with the client to advise and guide them in their choice of materials and products.

Shaker/Mission Style Kitchen - Overlooking Counter

Shaker/Mission Style Kitchen – Overlooking Counter

Cabinets – Maple hardwood with a painted finish

Appliances – Stainless Steel

Cabinet Door & Drawer Handles – Stainless Steel  – Compliments the appliances

Backsplash – Glass Tile – Easy to clean and maintain

Frieze & Crown Moldings – Maple hardwood with a painted finish – adds a nice finishing touch to the cabinets, tying the whole installation into the ceiling very nicely

Shaker/Mission Style Kitchen - Appliances & Cabinets

Shaker/Mission Style Kitchen – Appliances & Cabinets

Cabinets & Counter

Shaker/Mission Style Kitchen – Cabinets & Counter

We also repositioned the lighting in the ceiling and added the pendants for a comfortable lighting scheme. The ceiling lights and pendants are independent of each other so different moods can be achieved through lighting.

Through careful planning, we designed the perfect kitchen remodel that had a huge impact on the home. We updated the kitchen and railings, but the entire home looks and feels refreshed. This Country style to Shaker/Mission style kitchen remodel made a big difference!

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