Recent Home Improvements

Remodeling Your Kitchen to Compliment Your Home

JM firmly believes that your kitchen is more than a place for cooking – it's the heart of your home. Our approach to kitchen remodeling considers not just your kitchen, but your entire home. We study how your kitchen design, style, colors,...

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Post winter thoughts

Spring is in the air. And not to soon for me. I am sure you have plenty to clean up as we do here. Please read some of the after winter concerns we have regarding our homes. If you are like many in the area we are from, you have plenty of debris in the yard and maybe...

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Are you considering a home improvement project?

Welcome to our new web presence On our page we are going to try to portray our quality and care for our customers projects. You will find all you need to know about J Muniz Home Improvement. We intend to provide up dated information about projects and helpful tips...

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